Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Use Photo Editing to Get Likes! A Romantic Gift for Example.....

I love receiving romantic gifts, especially from someone you care about! It is so thoughtful of that person to think about "what" to give me, "remember" what I like, and "execute" the presentation.

I can't let this super adorable token of appreciation go unnoticed- I need to put it on social media. Not to just get likes, but to dress up my page and give it that chic, classy feel. It can be a challenge because the roses are so pretty, that you want to capture the true integrity of their beauty. That involves a lot of editing and filtering. Not allot, but just enough to bring out the features you are tying to express.

What I typically I do, is use my VSCO app on my phone. It is a photo editing tool that can turn your ordinary photo into a "Pinterest- worthy"' masterpiece! So, I just upload the pics I need to edit from my gallery onto the app. Then, I mess with the basic settings like, Brightness, Temperature, and Tint. After, I go to the provided filters and choose one that makes it pop. Now, sometimes, I do the opposite and choose a filter first, it really doesn't matter.



So, the before looks pretty too, but I wanted to create a whimsical, airy feel by negating the dark shadows, and using the red to be the brightest color you see. Also, I did some research, and it seems that most people respond to a bluish, cooler tint in pictures. On Instagram, more followers liked pictures that displayed these characteristics. 



Now, the before is really cute too, but as you can see, my bedpost was in the way, plus there was no center focus, which makes it look too busy. Haha I couldn't crop my dog out, but I did manage to crop out the majority of the bed. Now, I can use my flowers as my main focus of the picture. Again, I used VSCO to edit the photo with the same cooler look to make the centerpiece stand out.

I have so many more I can show, but I will make sure to post more like this later!

Thanks for reading!

Emily XOXO

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