Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hello Hello Hello!


My #nomakeup Selfie
My name is Emily. I'm a new blogger looking to expand my creativity to new platforms. I am biracial with a mix of Chinese and European, oh, and a Libra too. I love social media, however am over the narrow-minded views on what is "beautiful" as far as women's bodies and makeup trends. Don't get me wrong- I love posting selfies of my #MOTD, but I just get so depressed when all I see on my feed are images of women basically naked and caked with highlight. I feel like subconsciously I, myself should be striving to look like these people. But Anyways...

I am in my early twenties, and just graduated college here in my hometown. After graduation, I thought I'd feel free and ready to spread my wings and fly,, but not so much, really. It was just so anticlimactic. That "big job" took forever to achieve, and once I got it, it turned out to not be for me. I can't sit at a desk staring at a computer for 8+ hours a day, not talking or meeting anyone. I actually miss retail.

So I have wanted to start a blog and possibly a YouTube channel for awhile now, but figured it would take too much energy, but I am going to start that project back up again, especially since I've got the free time now. Why not?

So just wanted to introduce myself, and get used to posting! Lots more coming soon!
Thanks for reading!
Emily XO

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